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Spotlight: Remy Fremen

Remy Fremen is a writer currently residing in Chesapeake, Virginia. I had the pleasure of talking to them about some of their inspirations and current projects! Please enjoy getting to know them, as I have, and give them a warm welcome into our community.

Question: So, when did you start writing?

Answer: My first core memory of writing was probably…Kindergarten?

Q: Have you always written poetry? Or what are some other things you write?

A: I mostly focus on prose. For the better part of a year now, I’ve been writing a novel called “Rabbit Pie”. It’s sort of like prose-y and poetry.

Q: Tell me more about that book! …Or at least what you can talk about right now.

A: It’s a semi-autobiographical, non-linear, novella style. It reads as a collection of diary entries and poems. It’s going through a child’s mind. It’s about a girl and her life as she’s growing up.

Q: Do you have an idea of when it’ll come out?

A: I’m about halfway done. It might be a couple more years until it comes out, to be honest. I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

Q: Because I’m the same way, I know it can definitely affect the process…How does that affect your writing?

A: I get pretty crazy writer’s block. Sometimes it’ll be this flux where I’m writing 24/7, and then there’s those days where I’m pretty stagnant and can’t write anything at all. [Another poet] said it can be hard to write when life is really good, and that definitely applies to me, too.

Q: How do you get yourself back into writing when it’s been a bit, or you’re feeling rusty, or you’re just not in the mood?

A: I find myself reading a lot. Reading is my safe haven, my balm for everything. I find myself with my favorite authors. I said a few of them up there, but: Sexton, Mary Oliver, Siken…they all really inspire me towards writing.

Q: What do you feel like you’ve learned from those works? Is there anything in particular you feel you’ve picked up from them that’s helped you with your writing?

A: Definitely. I’m a really big fan of the Post-Modernist poetry movement. I draw a lot of my inspiration from that. Just the idea of poetry as a venue of catharsis and almost like a section…almost like a religious level. Not necessarily a religion, but that same vibe. That’s something I definitely got from Sexton, that moment of really making yourself naked.

Q: I know this is along the lines of what you just said, but: What are your favorite sort of things to write or read?

A: Poetry is my favorite. I really like writing short stories, as well. I’m having lots of fun with Rabbit Pie right now. I like writing things that are a bit non-linear, things that you maybe have to read a couple times to get.

Q: What would your advice be to aspiring writers?

A: A tip that’s helped me the most is: Read every day if you can. I feel like reading has always been the biggest part of where I find my confidence, where I find my inspiration. Without reading, I could never write. So really find books, really go out there. Find what authors you love, find what inspires you.

Huge thank you to Remy for your cooperation. We look forward to (hopefully) seeing you at future MM events!

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