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You don’t have to choose your words delicately. You don’t have to be the most profound. You simply speak.

If you have been made to feel you don’t have a voice,

If you have wandered so far into the depths you’ve forgotten what your own sounds like,

If you have known the sorrow of having no outlet for your joys,

If you have become listened to but never heard,

If you have questions without a singular, comprehensive, feasible answer…

Speak. Speak now.

You are the place where you belong.

Your voice is yours to keep,

Your voice is inconceivably unique,

Your joys are worth expressing,

Your sorrows are worth mapping out,

No philosophy too deep for you to reach…

So speak. Speak now.

You are your own origin.

Your voice will resonate as deep as the pitch black ink you seek,

Your voice will shape itself to the letters you reap,

Your love is what colors the page,

Your sorrow is what gives it name,

No philosopher stopped at only one truth.


The truth is that writing as a form of expression helps us to contextualize our experiences and the world around us. Words have the power to rewire our thought patterns around life events and truly work through them. By sifting through our thoughts and organizing them in the writing process, we gain a better understanding of our own emotions. All of this combined has actually been proven useful for coping and building resiliency. For more information, click here to view a full study about expressive writing and the psychology behind it.

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