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  • Carmen Feliz

Journey of the 24th Poet Laureate

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

By: Carmen Feliz

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes we forget that our profession can be our passion. While working at a local bookstore, Ada Limón dipped her toe in the world of poetry. She majored in theater at the University of Washington with hopes of creating a career in the arts. After earning her master’s degree of fine arts at New York University, Limón took a stab at marketing. She left her heart behind with poetry.

In 2010, an unfulfilled Limón quit her marketing job and began writing full time. She assumed that this career change would restrict her to the fiction genre, but was happily proven wrong. Since her passion turned into her profession, Limón has published six books, hosts a poetry podcast titled “The Slowdown,” and is named the 24th Poet Laureate.

Below is a list of her published works:

The Hurting Kind, 2022

The Carrying, 2018

Bright Dead Things, 2015

Sharks in the Rivers, 2010

Lucky Wreck, 2006

This Big Fake World, 2005

To learn more about Ada Limón visit:

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