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  • Carmen Feliz

Brandon Leake: Poetic Vulnerability

We’ve all experienced things that we think no other person should have to walk through. Events occur in each of our lives that are traumatic and it’s easy to feel alone if there are not people willing to be vulnerable and talk about the dark times.

America’s Got Talent season 15 winner, Brandon Leake, shows us how vulnerability can be consoling through spoken word poetry. He says in an NBC interview with Christopher Rosa,

"You have to give yourself permission to cry—to do theater, in a sense. To let it all hang loose on stage and leave nothing behind."

Poetry is a love letter to the people we have lost, a bitter goodbye to the one’s who have wronged us, and a “choose your own ending” story to the individuals we are becoming. Though our stories differ, we can all find refuge in the poetry community.

"To know that our blood, sweat, and tears are not for naught is a gift."

- Lilli Reine

To find the full interview click here.

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