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  • Carmen Feliz

Alora Young Learns of Her Lineage

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

By: Carmen Feliz

Understanding our ancestry is important to learn how to move forward. As we reflect on generational curses, wealth, myths, and legends we learn more about the intricate parts of our DNA.

2021 Youth Poet Laureate, Alora Young, took the questions she had about herself and ran with them. She researched her lineage and interviewed all of the living family she discovered. Young shares her findings through poetry in her debut book, Walking Gentry Home, which will be released August 2, 2022.

At 19 years old, Young is looking towards her future by acknowledging and accepting both painful and beautiful parts of her family’s history. Through her talent as a writer, Young communicates the emotions and experiences of her lineage that may otherwise not be shared.

I encourage all of our readers to ask their families and communities about the stories unique to their ancestry.

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